The Forces School & College System (FSCS) has been established with a vision to make international standard education accessible to all with a focus on instilling positive values, analytical skills, creative thinking and competitiveness for grooming future leaders.

The Forces School & College System (FSCS) commits itself to nurture the innate latent potential that nature bestows in abundance upon every child. With a panel of distinguished academicians and educationists, FSCS will impart world-class education through the latest learning and teaching techniques, coupled with a modern curriculum that places equal emphasis on academic excellence and character-building.

The Forces School & College System (FSCS) aims to build a nationwide presence through a network of schools and colleges operating under its umbrella, ensuring quality education to all whilst ensuring affordability and profitability at the same time. To this end, FSCS intends to provide each of our Franchise Partners with all the tools and support necessary for the immediate establishment and operation of a franchise.

Forces School & College System has the technical and professional support of some leading business groups of Pakistan, comprising several retired senior officers of the Pakistan Army. These business groups have a diversified portfolio ranging from marketing, retail, IT, construction and real estate development including landmark projects such as Blue World City, Blue Town Sapphire and Awami Residential Complex.