Trainings process

Excellence In Teaching

FSCS values and nurtures its relationship with its faculty members. We have an encouraging flexible and robust teachers’ development program. We retain our teachers for more extended periods by providing them with a flexible, regulated and comfortable environment.

The school has defined a tailor-made regular training program, which goes on for an entire academic year. The program is for an entire academic year, which helps in keeping the whole organization fresh and academically empowered. Our teacher-training includes but not restricted to the following major training areas;

Major Training Areas:

  • Child psychology
  • Curriculum briefing
  • Modern Teaching Methodology
  • Pre-School Pedagogy
  • Moral Science teaching methodology
  • Personality Grooming and Finishing
  • Teaching Tafheem-e-Deen as a subject
  • Assessment guidelines
  • Subject based training
  • Software based training
  • Personal growth