Chairman’s Message

Better education develops a unique perspective that allows children to look at life from positive angles. It helps build opinions, hold different points of view, promote a culture of tolerance, respect for divergent views and converts information into knowledge. Synthesized with correct religious orientation, nationalism and extra-curricular activities, it simply transforms the individual’s spirit.

The Forces School and College System (FSCS) is conceived and configured under the patronage of senior retired Army officers, with an aim to transcend beyond stereotypical education. It quintessentially balances quality formal education with correct religious orientation, profound sense of nationalism, cultural revival, personality development, leadership and extracurricular activities thus transforming the individual’s spirit according to our environment. This is done to enable our younger generation to stand tall against all odds and be counted at national and international level.

The curriculum focuses on total growth of adolescents, touching both their hearts and minds, encompassing their social, physical, emotional, moral, ethical and cultural needs in addition to hallmark formal education. Our education system is based on research and best practices not only from national systems but also from international ones. Emphasis is laid on creating relevant, engaging, challenging educational framework for all children. The curriculum framework also embodies essential elements, such as concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills.

This all is done under highly qualified teachers equipped with additional grooming through workshops, seminars under a personalized educational environment. Personal involvement of senior retired Army officers lends further stabilization to overall safe, secure and congenial learning atmosphere for children.

I thank the parents who have entrusted us with the custody and mentorship of their valued children and promise that FSCS shall always strive to polish its pupils into thoughtful and compassionate model citizens.

Maj Gen Muhammad Arif Warraich (R)

Patron in Chief & Chairman