Investment In Technology

Interactive/Smart Boards

We believe that using modern tools and technologies in the education sector is essential to work comprehensively and effectively, and thus, we invest heavily in integrating technology with teaching. In FSCS school system, interactive/smart boards are used for better teaching-learning experience. The use of interactive whiteboard in the classroom actively engage students with material, receive instant feedback on current projects and to manipulate learning objects.

Learning Management System (LMS)

For students, we use Learning Management System (LMS) to record and analyze all student activities, both in relation to their academic performance and their general behavior and conduct. As such, all stakeholders – parents, teachers and coordinators – are on the same page, and can get quick and easy access to the information of students at all times. Furthermore, we have streamlined almost every sphere of a school set-up ranging from administrative to academic, accounts and quality assurance.


In line with our goal to provide modern, 21st century education, we have created a personalized app as an effective solution for communication with parents. This app not only keeps our parents updated but helps them in communicating essential information about their child. In our campuses, students pass through bio-metric attendance system.